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Think Twice Before Throwing Away Your Christmas Wrapping Paper

Most people don’t realize that you can have your Christmas wrapping paper recycled. You may have already thrown away the paper that covered all the treasures you received, but in the future when you have wrapping paper, but not the elaborate foil, keep an Amazon box handy to store the paper. Yes, Amazon boxes are recyclable as well.


Most people will shove the paper in the trash where they will end up in landfills. There is a need to spread this great news, so people will be more aware of the possibilities of being able to take your wrapping paper filled Amazon box to the nearest recycling center.


There may even be a curb-side recycling station that you can leave your recyclables in. It might do us all well to look into what we purchase that we can prevent landfills from piling up. New items may be made from what was once used to make Christmas memories special with colorful wrap.

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