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Ways to Reduce Landfill Waste


Many of us consider ourselves very mindful of conserving and recycling, yet more people visit the landfills each year than you may think. Do we actually follow through with our own recycling? What might we do to start reducing waste?

  • Reduce Food Waste – Buy less and the store, but shop more often
  • Eat Healthy - Buy healthier foods that don’t require as much waste in the form of packaging such as fresh produce
  • Save Leftovers for Next Day – Think of using leftovers for tomorrows lunch or dinner
  • Boycott Plastic Water Bottles – Switch to glass bottles
  • Reuse items – Think about crafting, storage and upcycling items instead of throwing away
  • Donate Clothes - donate clothes to people in need
  • Don’t buy as much “stuff” – What do you need vs. what you want. Think before you toss it in the garbage

Maybe we can be the example for others to follow. 

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