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This Year, Give Them a Thought Gift

Sure, it’s easy to get the trendiest items from the most popular stores, and you still can, but think about what you are buying. Think of gifts that will be kept and cherished for years. You can buy a coffee cup or drink bottle that they need and that they will use every day.


How about gifting them an experience? Who wouldn’t love a paid trip to the zoo, or a spa treatment? Gifts that they can use and keep the memories they had can be so fun and self sustaining. Why not try a family gathering to a museum or historical sight? The time you share is priceless and a wonderful way to not add to the environmental waste.


Why not search a used book store for a great book to give? You can buy seeds for planting herbs for an indoor garden they can start. Why not offer your own services if you are handy. Maybe you are a great gardener and can offer to plant for them next spring. You can help plan their landscape or paint rocks for them to have reminders sitting around about being positive with happy words.


There are so many ideas that you can think of to gift that will be cherished by any recipient!

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