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Hurricane Harvey – Helping Hands!

Are you ready for the remnants of hurricane Harvey today? Temperatures in the 60’s, 30 mph winds and rain, we can use the rain right now, but the cool and blustery is out of character for this time of year. We will not be complaining because we know there are so many living through much worse conditions in the aftermath of the hurricane. This natural disaster has shown us just what people do when others are suffering. We unite, take action, donate time and products and organize truck after truck of much needed supplies and then drive them a long distance to make sure others have the necessities they need until things return to normal. I still believe there are many in this world with good and decent hearts. People who will wade or swim into deep waters to save an elderly man trapped in his vehicle. There are those who gather up all the animals that have been left behind or fled high waters to a safer place. We have government officials volunteering in clean-up efforts, businesses and establishments opening their doors for housing and shelter, food and water and a place to rest. Even though the media is full of all the bad and harsh things going on around us, I truly believe there’s much more good going on in this country than there is bad, it is just not at the forefront!

The weather here in Ohio today will be a little bit of a challenge, but we are fortunate when compared to others. Take that blessing and ask yourself what you can do right now to make a difference in the lives of those in Texas who are recovering from hurricane Harvey. Donate time, product or money, if that’s not doable right now for you, then keep those in Texas in your thoughts and prayers…there is power in the positive!

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