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A simple act of kindness!

A small act of kindness…I recently watched a video that was filmed inside someone’s car. It appears to be just two men sitting in the car ordering food via a takeout window. The passenger wearing a hat that clearly let the world know that he served his country and was a veteran, the other man, the driver, never showed his face, but spoke to the woman at the drive through and made sure his passenger got everything he wanted. Then the driver told the veteran that he came by the fast food place every day around 4:00 p.m. on his way home from work. He then told his new friend that if he would meet him there at 4:00 p.m. every day, he would buy his lunch or early dinner. The veteran thanked him and said he would be there…and then he started to cry. He explained how no one had shown him such kindness in a very long time. The driver told him he valued his service and he valued him as a human being and that it was just a little act of kindness. The veteran could no longer contain his emotions and began to weep. He promised the driver he would be there, every day…before leaving the vehicle he also told him, “man, there are a lot of us out there.”

We never know what brings a person to be homeless, this veteran and many others are living on the streets, meal to meal when they can get something to eat and often times never knowing kindness.

I am one to always think about the “why” behind the situation. I see the individuals on the corner with a sign that says hungry or need work or homeless, and I always want to stop and ask them, “how did this happen to you?” Sometimes we can be quick to judge and trust me, I know there are a few who have made a living out of panhandling, but I am talking about those who may suffer from depression or crippling anxiety, health issues, who can’t make ends meet or have no family. What is there story, how did this happen…how can I help?

I will say to everyone, that showing a small act of kindness to someone every day may not change the world…but it will change someone’s world. Challenge yourself to one small act of kindness starting today; before you know it…it will become a way of life.

What “kind” of day will you choose?

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