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Environmental Solutions

Eagle Environmental  - on top of today’s environmental issues and solutions!

Eagle Environmental is striving to reach the goal of zero landfill with many environmental solutions for recycling waste. At the rate of landfill waste today, we will soon run out of room for waste, leading to contaminant issues. Great strides have been made in recycling processes and getting the population on board with recycling practices would mean less waste in the landfills and a safer, cleaner environment. Recycling education is a must to reach the goal of waste minimization!

Aqueous parts washers have become a huge part of cleaning up the environment. Using next generation water based parts washers allows immersion of parts and in some cases high pressure spray, effectively cleaning a variety of soils, oils and greases. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

Drum containment systems effectively store products waiting to be recycled. Regulatory friendly, safe and efficient…Eagle Environmental endorses proper handling of waste products!

Absorbents are essential for cleaning up spills. Eagle Environmental researches and supplies the most effective, up-to-date products and makes them available to you. Handling potentially dangerous situations is made manageable through the use of absorbent products.

It’s where we live! Let’s all go green! Keep it Clean!

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