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Metal Recycling

Our goal is to help our customers streamline their operations by recycling their waste streams or shipping them to our Waste-to-Energy program.

Eagle Environmental is committed to providing your business with a solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs, no matter how large or small. We find great satisfaction in being flexible and able to meet any opportunity that is presented.

We have had great success helping our existing customers by minimizing the amount of waste going into landfills by putting them into our recycling or waste-to-energy programs.

We have helped our customers, including several Fortune 500 companies, to divert over 500 tons of landfill to recycling and waste-to-energy programs.

List of recyclable items:

  1. Absorbents
  2. Shot dust
  3. Aluminum dust
  4. Zinc dust
  5. Powder paint
  6. Fluorescent bulbs
  7. Electronic waste
  8. Batteries
  9. Pallets
  10. Plastics
  11. Cardboard
  12. Flammable liquids
  13. Solvents

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