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A Change in Seasons!

If you didn’t live where there was significant changes in seasons…would you miss the amazing colors, snowflakes and chilly evenings? Did you know that even in sunny California, sizzling Arizona and humid Florid, there are many changes to mark the seasons? There really are differences in every state. The color of leaves, which plants bloom,…
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Inventions, Trivia and Fun Facts…Pick your State!

Do you ever wonder which state was responsible for the invention of the everyday things you use? For instance, the air conditioner was invented in Florida, makes sense right…but the jet ski was invented in Arizona, that one makes you scratch your head doesn’t it! Here’s a link that recaps the best invention from each…
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Having a little Fall Fun!

When nature finds its’ way into your house…beautiful things happen! Check out these amazing crafts you can make by yourself or with your favorite child. Nature is amazing! The cycle of the seasons brings beauty everywhere. Take a walk and see what you can gather to create some outdoor inspired beauty. Decorate inside or welcome…
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Keeping your cool back in the day!

Staying cool was a challenge back in the day! The modern air conditioner was invented only in the 1920s, and it didn’t become a common home feature until the latter half of the 20th century.But, while some of us might wonder how our grandparents survived hot and steamy summers, the fact is those older homes had a…
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Eagle Environmental Gives Back To Kids ‘n Kamp

If you don’t know about Kids ‘n Kamp, we invite you to visit this link http://kidsnkamp.org/ To read about this amazing place specially made for children with cancer and their families. Eagle Environmental is a proud sponsor of Kids ‘n Kamp and partnered with Free Bones RC to donate to this amazing cause. Giving back,…
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Play Hard…Stay Safe!

Are you an outdoor activity fan? Do you love to hike, bike or walk your way through trails and paths? Does a great ballgame get your excitement level to a fever pitch? If you said yes to any of these fun things to do…remember to stay safe and be careful. If possible, when you decide…
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Could you join the “tiny house” movement?

Tiny houses are popping up all over. The tiny house movement itself is not a new concept but has existed on and off for decades. The most recent movement began in 1997 with Jay Shafer who built a tiny house on wheels for his own use. Two years later he introduced the Tumbleweed Tiny House…
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Turn your waste into compost!

Turn your waste into compost! With fall right around the corner, it’s time to turn your thoughts to composting.  If you are just beginning to compost, be sure to add your late summer/early fall grass clipping to your compost bin, mix in your fall leaves and some brown cardboard for the perfect composting material. Next…
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Harley Davidson History

Ted Gilbert became the first motorcyclist to pilot a machine to the top of the rocky butte near Portland, Oregon. His machine of choice was a Harley Davidson Sport Twin. 4,045 feet above sea level, Larch Mountain is 11,000 feet of narrow, brushlined trail. Rugged and heavily timbered, with huge boulders, sharp stones, and logs…
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What are we leaving for the next generation? Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse!

At Eagle Environmental, we're dedicated to leaving behind and cleaner, better earth. Recycling and removing waste is what we're all about. Our base is out of Pataskala, Ohio but we service businesses in a wide area. If your business is looking for a hard-working, dedicated company to clean up, recycle, repurpose and reuse your waste…
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