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Decorating Your Home for Christmas with What You Have Handy

Typically, we have stored items away each Christmas season including heirlooms, things we have purchased or gifts we have received through the years. We usually un-box our treasures with anticipation of where we will place our decorations; some will have the exact placement each year, whereas some will design something new. One thing that we…
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Feeding Wildlife and Keeping Them Safe from Disease

This time of year we may not have such harsh weather, but the trees have lost their leaves, and the fruits they produce that feeds the many wildlife that stays in this area throughout winter months. Animals will eat bark, and what might be left of grass and brush, but they do enjoy a source…
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Great Gift Ideas to Help You and Your Guests on Thanksgiving Day

You make sure to buy enough food to feed an army, because you don’t want anyone to be left hungry while you are planning your holiday family meal. There’s going to be a lot left over and if some of those family members or friends aren’t living in your house already, they may appreciate a…
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Thankful for Friends and Family

It is this time of year that you start to reflect back on many years of time spent with family and friends and you are reminded again how precious the people are that have been placed in your life. Family is so important to us. They support and love us through all our trials and…
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Is a Real or Fake Christmas Tree More Environmentally Friendly?

Sometimes your first Christmas tree is the hardest decision. You want to be environmentally friendly, and you want to make the right choice. On one hand if you purchase an artificial, you know you will have it for a very long time. They can be the exact shape and size with right amount of points…
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America Recycles Day November 15th

We celebrate America Recycles Day this year as the EPA recognizes our nation’s progress on recycling. The recycling rate has more than tripled according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The last 30 years has created jobs and community development. As we celebrate the 20th year of National Recycles Day this 2017, the EPA…
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Ways to Reduce Landfill Waste

  Many of us consider ourselves very mindful of conserving and recycling, yet more people visit the landfills each year than you may think. Do we actually follow through with our own recycling? What might we do to start reducing waste? Reduce Food Waste – Buy less and the store, but shop more often Eat…
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Did you know?

A path of trees Did you know? Trees can actually communicate with each other. They emit a chemical into the air to warn the other trees that they are about to be infested with insects. They can actually combat leaf eating insects by some of the chemicals they produce. Some wildlife are keen to this…
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Monday through Sunday – think yourself happy!

Why the Monday/Friday syndrome? We all know the feeling. Wednesday we starting thinking about how close we are to Friday and Friday our spirits soar because we’ve waited all week to have two days off from the workplace. When Sunday rolls around, our spirits start to dip…even though we are still within the weekend parameters…
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Fall Clean-up and Recycling!

We our thoughts turning to fall cleanup and the weather turning cooler, what could be better than some great tips to recycle and reuse. Let’s face it we all have more “stuff” than we need and cleaning out and cleaning up is the perfect project for fall. Although this article is written for Northern Ohio,…
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