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Let’s talk teamwork!

What we accomplish when we work as a team is phenomenal! Brainstorming brings about great ideas. We are all created differently and that makes for a melting pot of amazing input and awesome results! No one should try to be, want to be or be made to be an “island until themselves”, that will limit…
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Who let the dogs out, how’s your summer?

What has your summer looked like so far? Hard to believe we’re approaching August, really still lots of summer weather to enjoy, but school starts about 3 weeks into the month…what??  Time really flies, doesn’t it? Did you take a great vacation or create a fantastic staycation? Sometimes the best times are in your own…
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Happiness Every Day of the Week!

It’s finally here, it’s Friday! For some people, it’s donut Friday, for others it’s casual Friday…a nice break from wearing dressy clothes all week! I read an article about not just being happy on Friday, but to be just as happy every other day of the week, like Mondays…what??? Do you think you can do…
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Christmas in July-No thank you!

Well it’s happening already…only so many weekends until Christmas, only so many shopping opportunities until Christmas, does it make you want to cringe? It makes me want to remind everyone it is still July, it’s hot, there’s still grass to mow and lots of sunshine to enjoy. Why must we live so far in the…
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Amazing Earth Facts!

Top 10 Amazing Earth Facts Many layers of atmosphere coat our planet including the mesosphere, ionosphere, exosphere, and the thermosphere, but it’s the troposphere, closest to the planet itself, that supports our lives and is, in fact, the thinnest at only about 10 miles high. This fact and many other little known things about the world are…
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Why are we so competitive?

Why must we always stack ourselves up against one another? Being competitive has existed as long as life itself. We compete for attention, affection, partners, jobs, compliments, sports and in many other ways. Even our thoughts compete with one another. In business, we compete for clients and customers. We compete and then work hard to…
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Rainy days and Mondays…or Fridays!

Wow, if you’re in Ohio right now, it’s a deluge. This much needed rainy day is just what the doctor ordered right now. Things were starting to get a little dried out, so the timing is perfect! Is that how you’re looking at it? It’s all about attitude. I look at it like this, in…
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Recycle your baby’s dirty diapers…are you serious?

Recycle your baby’s dirty diapers…are you serious? Check out the rest of the story by clicking this link. https://www.thebalance.com/unusual-things-you-can-recycle-2878067 Let's talk about weird or unusual things to recycle. As society inches closer to zero landfill aspirations, one way to help is through developing recycling streams for items or materials that in the past, people just never thought about recycling.…
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Long lasting benefits of trees!

Trees combat climate change Excess carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by many factors is a building up in our atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Trees absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing the oxygen back into the air. In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when…
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Amazing Cave Art!

Not every person does something for monetary gratification!  Artist Ra Paulette has spent almost 30 years excavating the arid landscape of northern New Mexico by creating characterful grottoes that he calls "luminous caves". Using only hand tools, including pick axes, shovels and scrapers, the 69-year-old sculptor burrows into the sides of the cliffs, opening up…
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