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Monday through Sunday – think yourself happy!

Why the Monday/Friday syndrome? We all know the feeling. Wednesday we starting thinking about how close we are to Friday and Friday our spirits soar because we’ve waited all week to have two days off from the workplace. When Sunday rolls around, our spirits start to dip…even though we are still within the weekend parameters…
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Fall Clean-up and Recycling!

We our thoughts turning to fall cleanup and the weather turning cooler, what could be better than some great tips to recycle and reuse. Let’s face it we all have more “stuff” than we need and cleaning out and cleaning up is the perfect project for fall. Although this article is written for Northern Ohio,…
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What does that cloud look like?

On one of my recent evening walks, I began to notice the clouds…I am normally a sky watcher anyway, so it’s instinctual for me to look up while walking. This particular evening, the clouds were mesmerizing and captured my interest. I carry my cell phone with me when I walk for various reasons, safety (because…
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Fall TV Line-up!

It’s fall and with that comes the new fall lineup on TV. What have you been waiting for? There are a few decent shows left on TV, but a very few. New this year, The Good Doctor on ABC sounds awesome and sheds some light on Autism. America’s Funniest Videos, Shark Tank and Dancing with…
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Fall fun is just around the corner!

The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is turning delightfully cooler, why do we love it so much? The holidays…Halloween, Thanksgiving and the ushering in of Christmas. Clothes…who doesn’t love sweatshirts and blue jeans. Sports…let the games begin! Food…pumpkin everything! Bonfires and wiener roasts. Décor…fall color is trumped only by Christmas beauty. Family…
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Your skilled labor position is waiting!

I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently that show strong indicators that there is going to be a huge shortage of individuals for skilled labor positions. The current college graduates and a few years prior to these have shunned the skilled labor market and rightly so. The economy has been bad, therefore reducing the…
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Hurricane Harvey – Helping Hands!

Are you ready for the remnants of hurricane Harvey today? Temperatures in the 60’s, 30 mph winds and rain, we can use the rain right now, but the cool and blustery is out of character for this time of year. We will not be complaining because we know there are so many living through much…
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Do you trust reviews?

Reviews…how dependable are they? Reviews are like art, they are subjective. If you depend on reviews to help you decide where to stay, where to vacation, which business to use or product to buy, you may be lending yourself to feelings and emotional opinions of others. I personally don’t place much value in reviews. Think…
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A simple act of kindness!

A small act of kindness…I recently watched a video that was filmed inside someone’s car. It appears to be just two men sitting in the car ordering food via a takeout window. The passenger wearing a hat that clearly let the world know that he served his country and was a veteran, the other man,…
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Natural ways to remove waste!

What if we use plants and trees to clean up our environment? Below are several links that explain how we can play an instrumental part in keeping our earth, water and air cleaner. Eagle environmental takes care of the industrial waste recycling and containment…we can do our part by taking care of the rest! The…
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