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Have You Been Thinking of Starting a Garden on Your Property?

We’ve all had a hand in dirt, plants and watching them grow. Not everyone has been a part of the planning part though. To enjoy a successful garden, creating a set of mini-plans can get you on the road to running the big plans start with paper. The garden should start in design, what needs…
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When it’s Cold, Freezing and Rainy, Travel Sounds So Good!

Have you ever felt the need to run away to a nice, warm climate just to get away from winter weather? It certainly doesn’t help when HGTV airs episodes of people buying beach front properties. The ocean tides, soft breezes and inviting sand are enough to make you pack your bathing suit and head to…
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Welcoming February

Doesn’t February seem hopeful that spring is just around the corner? This month we do get the first sign of spring with some emerging green. Get ready for spring gardening by sharpening your tools, and replace any that may be broken. If you have moving tools, make sure they are cleaned and re-oiled. It’s best…
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When it Comes to Valentine’s Day, What is Your Plan to Show LOVE?

It’s not always easy to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. If you are single are you thinking about engagement rings? If you’re married, is your spouse still romantic or is V-Day just another Hallmark invention to make sales? Maybe you have children that have a Valentine card exchange at their school and you want…
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The 40th Anniversary of the Great Blizzard of 1978

If you are old enough to remember the biggest blizzard of our time back in 1978, you were most likely a child or young adult. The snow was the deepest it had ever been in our lifetime in Ohio and the wind gusts were so strong that cars and homes were snowed in and buried.…
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Bowling is a great Team Building Activity

Bowling is a great way to build a team, a crew of workers and even a family can benefit, because it builds positive reinforcements of teamwork while strengthening relationships. All involved learn to help their teammates, which is the idea behind team building exercises.   Whoever is chosen as your teammate depends on you…as you…
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Did you ever go camping in the winter?

It turns out that winter camping is one of the most serene times to go “off the grid” and enjoy serenity, reflection and exploration. First of all, make sure wherever you decide to go that you are well equipped depending how long you plan to venture out.   Depending on the temperature, you may see…
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Think Twice Before Throwing Away Your Christmas Wrapping Paper

Most people don’t realize that you can have your Christmas wrapping paper recycled. You may have already thrown away the paper that covered all the treasures you received, but in the future when you have wrapping paper, but not the elaborate foil, keep an Amazon box handy to store the paper. Yes, Amazon boxes are…
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This Year, Give Them a Thought Gift

Sure, it’s easy to get the trendiest items from the most popular stores, and you still can, but think about what you are buying. Think of gifts that will be kept and cherished for years. You can buy a coffee cup or drink bottle that they need and that they will use every day.  …
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Creative Wrapping Ideas to add that Touch of Divine!

We’ve wrapped for years, or bagged if you prefer, but do we take the time to be creative? Who really has that kind of time? Let me give you some little tips that make gift wrapping or bagging a little more special, and will make your receivers feel you went one step further for them.…
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